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At Coara, which is part of Enviro Waste London Ltd, we are committed to ensuring our services have a minimal impact on the environment. We strive to divert as much waste away from landfill as possible, reusing or recycling items wherever we can, to contribute towards the circular economy that will be beneficial to us in the future.

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The frightening truth about ewaste

It is easy to overlook an issue when it does not impact us directly. We are all guilty of doing this. After all, we have so much going on in our everyday lives, and there are so many things that consume our time. This is understandable. But e-waste is a truly massive problem, and it … Continued

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Turning ewaste into 3D printers for developing countries

The need to combat e-waste is a very real issue. According to the UN Environment Programme (Unep), up to 90 per cent of global electronic waste is illegally dumped or traded every year. The Global E-Waste Monitor 2014 report: Quantities, Flows, and Resources, also concluded that 41.8 million tonnes of electronic waste was dumped in … Continued

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