Based on a belief that the more we get the more we should give The Enviro fund was set up in November 2012. What it means is that the bigger and better our company gets the more we have a positive impact on our environment and our community.

The first step is our environment, as an environmentally conscious company this is our main priority. The step after is our community, by doing what we do we want to help as many people we can along the way.

What we do


We support The Woodland Trust, The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity.

We help out by donating £0.10 for every waste clearance we carry out to The Woodland Trusts’ woodland creation and protection program.

Where else can you have such a positive impact on our environment and contribute to improving our countries woodland by paying for waste clearance?

Purpose: Trees are essential to life. They provide us with food, medicine, materials to work, provide shelter and most importantly they regulate our atmosphere by storing carbon and releasing oxygen.

Trees and woodland is an essential part of nature and must be taken care of and invested in, our future generations should benefit from having a healthy planet to live, work and play in.

Process: As a company we will increase our donations in accordance to how productive we are, the more work we do, the more money we invest into The Woodland Trusts woodland creation and protection program.

Want to know more? Check out their website and see how you can help their cause.



We support The British Heart Foundation, the UK’s number one heart charity.

We help by donating all suitable clothing, CD’s, DVD’s, books and shoes to the cause.

Be assured that anything we are responsible for that could be reused will be and we always look to donate to a worthy cause. We don’t see the point in being lazy about the waste we collect, we know that many people could benefit from your unwanted items.

Purpose: BHF through 50 years of promoting and researching heart disease are able to fund thousands of projects in the UK that are fighting heart disease.

The charity work hard in the fight for every heartbeat and to find better services for heart patients. They work with the government, health charities, the healthcare industry and thousands of supporters. They need more support in their long and hard battle against heart disease.

Process: We store a BHF bank in our East London waste separation and storage facility. As long as the items we clear from your jobs are suitable for the BHF we will donate them into the bank. This then gets picked up and transported to a local BHF shop once full.

Want to know more? Check out their website and see how you can help their cause.