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Need a reliable, affordable and environmentally-friendly IT recycling service in the capital? Here at Coara, we provide just that – with customer satisfaction and a commitment to protecting the environment as standard.

Commercial IT recycling and WEEE disposal is our specialist area – we can remove electronic waste from commercial properties all over the capital, disposing of them in a compliant and professional manner that helps stem the flow of electronic devices that are ending up in landfill.

Removing and disposing of IT equipment comes with plenty of guidelines to follow, and a lot of legislation to adhere to – and nobody knows the rules better than the Coara team. Whether you require a one-off disposal of WEEE, or whether you need a regular sweep of your premises to rid yourself of electronic waste responsible, you can guarantee the job will be carried out in adherence with all of the relevant rules and regulations.

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Our WEEE disposal and IT recycling services include:

  • Computer recycling and disposal
  • Server and network equipment recycling
  • TV and monitor recycling and disposal
  • Sensitive data wiping or destruction
  • Laptop and printer recycling and disposal
  • Fridge recycling and disposal

We can also rid your office of the smaller gadgets and gizmos that you’re unsure how to recycle. From cameras and smartphones to tablet devices and projectors, we can ensure that every bit of electronic waste is removed and disposed of in the proper manner.

About WEEE disposal

As our lives have become flooded with electronic devices, illegal activity regarding the disposal of WEEE has skyrocketed. The continued mistreatment of electric waste is an environment disaster waiting to happen.

With experts worried about how electronic waste will affect us in ten years’ time, external bodies have introduced plenty of legislation in order to ensure this kind of equipment is disposed of using the correct channels.

When you’re handing over electronic waste to a disposal company, make sure they’re qualified and accredited to remove the waste in a responsible way that’s in accordance with the rules. At Enviro Waste, we’re fully up-to-date on all relevant legislation, and we always dispose of WEEE correctly.

Reusing and recycling WEEE

The key aim at Coara is the reuse or recycling 100% of the electronic equipment we recover from sites. We have an in-house WEEE treatment facility, where we can repair and refurbish much of the equipment, instead of simply discarding it. When a device has been repaired or refurbished and is now in a reusable state, we often sell it on or donate it to charity, to ensure it joins the circular economy and isn’t contributing to potentially harmful landfill sites.

For more information about our commercial waste disposal services, including our WEEE options, get in touch with a member of our team.

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