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Even with masses of data migrating online and being stored in digital archives, businesses nowadays still accumulate masses of sensitive documents that need to be handled with care and confidentiality. At Coara, our secure London document destruction service helps businesses rid themselves of their space-consuming archives, while also complying with all relevant legislation on destroying such confidential documents.

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Secure Shredding and Confidential Waste Disposal

The service is very simple. Give our friendly team a call to book your appointment, and our uniformed, DBS-checked team of two will show up at your location to complete the document destruction service, usually within a day or two.

We’ll help you pinpoint the documents that need to be destroyed – you can load them into distinctive boxes and bags to ensure that no mistakes are made in transporting the documents. All labour is provided on site, so the job should be completed efficiently, minimising disruption at your workplace.

The bags are cable-tied up and the storage boxes are locked when they’re full. From here, they’re transferred into a lockable storage compartment within our van. Once the documents leave your premises, they’re no longer your responsibility. The Coara team will provide you with a waste transfer note to signify the handing over of liability. From here, your documents will be securely destroyed in accordance with all relevant legislation – and any waste material left over will be recycled to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.

If we’re disposing of hardware for you (hard drive destruction, servers, etc), you’ll also receive an inventory report which shows exactly the work which was carried out on each piece of hardware. When the job is complete, you’ll also receive a destruction certificate. We recommend you keep all of these documents for your records, in compliance with various data protection policies.

Our standards

At Coara, we comply with all relevant legislation and rules regarding commercial waste disposal, as well as working in accordance with guidelines from The Environment Agency. We’ve acquired management standards including:

– BS EN 15713 ensures that we are correctly collecting and destroying data. It is a Secure Destruction of Confidential Material qualification

– ISO 9001 ensures our quality services consistently meet the needs of our customers

– ISO 14001 ensures we have an effective environmental management system in place

– ISO 27001 ensures we are qualified to work with sensitive company information

We’ve worked hard to acquire these important management standards in order to ensure our clients have total peace of mind when we’re placed in charge of destroying their sensitive materials and data.

The eco-friendly approach

At Coara, protecting the environment and minimising our impact on it is always a key goal. Our document destruction and other waste disposal services always consider ways in which we can reuse or recycle any waste we recover, to help London become a little more eco-friendly. If you’ve got any questions about our ‘green’ credentials or our approach to the environment, get in touch with a member of our team.

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